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Spanish School in Montevideo Learn Spanish in Uruguay

Learn Spanish language in Uruguay Accommodation in Uruguay homestay study Spanish in Uruguay

Visit the amazing vineyards of Uruguay and learn spanish

Uruguay is a small country but it has many interesting things. On the one hand it is tourist country and its coasts are well known for the natural environment and without pollution. There are few places on Earth where we … Continue reading

- Spanish School Montevideo Spanish Course Uruguay

Some wonders that you can find in Montevideo

JOAQUÍN TORRES GARCÍA A great painter The concretion of the universalist suggestion of Torres García requires a new art that contains philosophical and aesthetic thoughts of constructivism but giving upward thrust to the archetypes of pre-Hispanic cultures. It is a … Continue reading

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Know more about the Montevideo culture and heritage

Contemplating unique examples of the Art Deco style, deciphering the candombe, indulging in the particularities of Uruguayan tango or discovering why some Uruguayan sites deserved Unesco’s distinction are just some of the cultural and heritage tourism alternatives that can be … Continue reading

- Spanish School Montevideo Spanish Course Uruguay

Spanish School in Montevideo

Why choose Spanish Uruguay over other schools?

Best prices in the market: Thanks to many years of experience, our School Spanish Uruguay is able to provide some of the smallest costs in the South America for all type of Spanish Courses. The students of Spanish Uruguay never have to pay a signing up fee or hidden cost. With a free and online Spanish placement test and pre-class meeting online or in our Spanish School, we ensure all our Spanish learners begin at the right Spanish level they have..

Study materials: Spanish Uruguay will give you on your first day of Spanish Course all the study material. We value the experience of our School director who has been more than 40 years working as a teacher and he have built a system that is comprehensive in content and very interesting for the student.

Small group classes: Our group Spanish classes are restricted to between 3 and 7 Spanish learners only.

Great Educational level: All the instructors of Spanish Uruguay are natives from Argentina and Uruguay and all of them have got a University degree as instructors of Spanish Language for foreign people.

Learn Spanish language in South America

Learn Spanish language in South America

Learn Spanish in Uruguay, South America

Study Spanish at our Spanish school in Montevideo, Uruguay and immerse yourself in the language and culture of Latin America. Study Spanish Language in Montevideo Uruguay, we offer the best price of the market with great facilities and services in our Spanish Schools of Montevideo Atlántida and Punta del Este in Uruguay

Our Spanish School offers Spanish Courses in Montevideo. Atlantida and Punta del Este giving you the opportunity of combine all these destinations of Uruguay South America. 

Spanish Uruguay Spanish Schools is pleased to offer you the best Spanish courses of Spanish Language for Foreigners in Uruguay. Our Spanish Language Schools are dedicated exclusively to teaching Spanish as a foreign language in Montevideo which is the capital city of Montevideo and in Atlantida and Punta del Este which are the best beach resorts of Uruguay and one of the best ones of South America with incredible beaches on the Atlantic Ocean and a lot of fun nightlife.

Spanish Courses in Montevideo Uruguay

Spanish School in Uruguay - Ellauri 544 y Blanca del Tabaré - Punta Carretas - Montevideo - Uruguay

Escola Espanhol Montevideo