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Learn Spanish Language in South America

Student’s Coments

The whole trip to Uruguay was a kind of adventure for me.But I m so glad I ended up studying Spanish at Spanish Uruguay!!Here you feel like in a small family,everyone is so friendly and helpful!my best regards to my awesome teachers-Valeria and Marión!!with them I v managed to communicate in Spanish pretty fluently after just several weeks of classes!!special "thank you" to Juan,he really helped me deal with all that visa complications!
I highly recommended Spanish Uruguay to everyone who wants not only to study Spanish but also find good friends,get best impressions of Uruguayans,their culture, cuisine and spirit!!!

Learning Spanish with the teachers from Spanish Uruguay Spanish School was a wonderful experience! I work different days every week and college class times were inflexible. With Juan Tocci from Spanish Uruguay Spanish School, I had the freedom to tailor my online lessons. The courses went in all sorts of different directions from describing our favorite actors, countries visited, to explaining a medical procedure. Conversation is the hardest part of learning a language and is impossible with apps and independent study. It is also harder for me to do it in a classroom with dozens of other students trying to learn at their own pace. I truly profited from the personalized teaching plan and continuous flow of conversation that Juan Tocci provided.



I finished a six weeks Spanish class at Spanish Uruguay Spanish School on 24 July 2013, and had a wonderful experience. The class size varied from four to six people. The professor, Marion Torres, was personable and professional and did a great job keeping the class interesting and engaging for the whole 6 weeks that the class lasted. I particularly appreciated his willingness to answer my frequent and repetitive questions that we all had, and thanks to that, we were able to consolidate our knowledge even better. Being the 1st experience of this kind I have to admit it went pretty well from my point of view and I would like to recommend the Spanish school to anyone who is interested in learning the Spanish language


I have studied at Spanish Uruguay Spanish School for a little over a month and in that time I was able to learn Spanish to the point that I could communicate with my host. Great people, awesome teachers good facilities amazing learning program those are the things that come to mind when I think about Spanish Uruguay Spanish School because with your program, I achieved my goal to gain a solid base on the Spanish language.

Bob Gordon

My experience at Spanish Uruguay Spanish School has been very productive; Ive learned a lot, improved my conversation level and really achieved the confidence necessary to speak Spanish out loud, before that it made perfect sense in my head but it came out all bleahhhhh. Thank you Juan Tocci for the time you invested in me I know I was not the brightest student but you never lost hope in me.

Juliet Norman


ello Ale



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